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Duminil Jérôme, Besnard G. (2021). Utility of the mitochondrial genome in plant taxonomic studies. In : Besse P. (ed.). Molecular plant taxonomy : methods and protocols. New York : Humana Press, 107-118. (Methods in Molecular Biology ; 2222). ISBN 978-1-0716-0996-5.

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Utility of the mitochondrial genome in plant taxonomic studies
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Duminil Jérôme, Besnard G.
Besse P. (ed.), Molecular plant taxonomy : methods and protocols
New York : Humana Press, 2021, 107-118 (Methods in Molecular Biology ; 2222). ISBN 978-1-0716-0996-5
Size, structure, and sequence content lability of plant mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) across species has sharply limited its use in taxonomic studies. Historically, mtDNA variation has been first investigated with RFLPs, while the development of universal primers then allowed studying sequence polymorphisms within short genomic regions (<3 kb). The recent advent of NGS technologies now offers new opportunities by greatly facilitating the assembly of longer mtDNA regions, and even full mitogenomes. Phylogenetic works aiming at comparing signals from different genomic compartments (i.e., nucleus, chloroplast, and mitochondria) have been developed on a few plant lineages, and have been shown especially relevant in groups with contrasted inheritance of organelle genomes. This chapter first reviews the main characteristics of mtDNA and the application offered in taxonomic studies. It then presents tips for best sequencing protocol based on NGS data to be routinely used in mtDNA-based phylogenetic studies.
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