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Dernières publications enregistrées 

  • Sadda A., Loireau Maud, Jangorzo N. S., Issoufou H. B. A., Chotte Jean-Luc. (2023). Standardized description of degraded land reclamation actions and mapping of actors' roles : a key step for action in combatting desertification (Niger). Land, 12 (5), p. 1064 [17 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010088058
  • Avigliano E., Pouilly Marc, Silva N., Sanchez S. (2023). High plasticity in short- and medium-scale movements in two catfish species from the Parana Basin. Environmental Biology of Fishes, [Early access], p. [12 p.]. ISSN 0378-1909.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086916
  • Akhil V. P., Lengaigne Matthieu, Krishnamohan K. S., Keerthi M. G., Vialard Jérôme. (2023). Southeastern Arabian Sea Salinity variability : mechanisms and influence on surface temperature. Climate Dynamics, [Early access], p. [18 p.]. ISSN 0930-7575.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010087602
  • Houssoukpèvi I. A., Aholoukpè H. N. S., Fassinou D. J. M., Rakotondrazafy M. N., Amadji G. L., Chapuis Lardy Lydie, Chevallier Tiphaine. (2022). Biomass and soil carbon stocks of the main land use of the Allada Plateau (Southern Benin). Carbon Management, 13 (1), p. 249-265. ISSN 1758-3004.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085157
  • Hachgenei N., Vaury V., Nord G., Spadini L., Duwig Céline. (2022). Faster and more precise isotopic water analysis of discrete samples by predicting the repetitions' asymptote instead of averaging last values. MethodsX, 9, 101656 [11 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085373
  • de Souza D. A., Kraus C. N., Burliga A. L., de Melo S., Couceiro S., Dias-Silva K., Simoes N. R., Braga T., Bonnet Marie-Paule, Marques D. D. (2022). Understanding the effects of environmental heterogeneity on the morphofunctional structure of the phytoplankton community during the hydrological year in an Amazon floodplain lake, Brazil. Limnology, [Early access], p. [12 p.]. ISSN 1439-8621.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083939
  • Halo I., Raj R. P., Korosov A., Penven Pierrick, Johannessen J. A., Rouault M. (2023). Mesoscale variability, critical latitude and eddy mean properties in the Tropical South-East Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 128 (3), p. [20 p.]. ISSN 2169-9275.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010087493
  • Sun R. L., Sun P., Fu C. H., Liu G. K., Liang Z. L., Shin Yunne-Jai, Barrier Nicolas, Tian Y. J. (2023). Exploring balanced harvest as a potential strategy for highly exploited multispecies fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science, [Early access], p. [14 p.]. ISSN 1054-3139.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086991
  • Guérin Isabelle, Michiels S., Natal A., Nordman Christophe, Venkatasubramanian G. (2022). Surviving debt and survival debt in times of lockdown. Economic and Political Weekly, 57 (1), 41-49. ISSN 0012-9976.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084139
  • Dobigny Gauthier, Rahelinirina S., Yonas M., Hima K. (2023). Community-based rodent management in African cities. In : Dangles Olivier (coord.), Fréour Claire (coord.). Sustainability science : understand, co-construct, transform : collective thinking. Marseille : IRD, 42-45.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010087904