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Dernières publications enregistrées 

  • Valois R., Rau G. C., Vouillamoz Jean-Michel, Derode B. (2022). Estimating hydraulic properties of the shallow subsurface using the groundwater response to earth and atmospheric tides : a comparison with pumping tests. Water Resources Research, 58 (5), p. e2021WR031666 [21 p.]. ISSN 0043-1397.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084727
  • Dugast Stéphan. (2021). Inii kaa caa unil : "huit [mois] n'a pas de personne" : éléments d'embryologie bassar (Togo). In : Mathieu S. (ed.), Porqueres i Gené E. (ed.). Embryon, personne et parenté. [Paris] : Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 63-83. (Collection 54). ISBN 978-2-7351-2798-6.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085688
  • Espinoza-Morriberon D., Echevin V., Gutierrez D., Tam J., Graco M., Ledesma J., Colas François. (2021). Evidences and drivers of ocean deoxygenation off Peru over recent past decades. Scientific Reports - Nature, 11 (1), p. 20292 [10 p.]. ISSN 2045-2322.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083266
  • Debedat J., Le Roy T., Voland L., Belda E., Alili R., Adriouch S., Lassen P. B., Kasahara K., Hutchison E., Genser L., Torres L., Gamblin C., Rouault C., Zucker Jean-Daniel, Kapel N., Poitou C., Marcelin G., Rey F. E., Aron-Wisnewsky J., Clement K. (2022). The human gut microbiota contributes to type-2 diabetes non-resolution 5-years after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Gut Microbes, 14 (1), p. 2050635 [24 p.]. ISSN 1949-0976.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084679
  • Meunier V., Bonnet Sophie, Benavides Mar, Ravache A., Grosso O., Lambert C., Houlbrèque Fanny. (2021). Diazotroph-derived nitrogen assimilation strategies differ by scleractinian coral species. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 692248 [11 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082655
  • Cheik S., Jouquet Pascal, Maeght Jean-Luc, Capowiez Y., Tran T. M., Bottinelli Nicolas. (2021). X-ray tomography analysis of soil biopores structure under wetting and drying cycles. European Journal of Soil Science, [Early access], p. [5 p.]. ISSN 1351-0754.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081325
  • Andrianjakarivony H. F., Damiens David, Marquereau Lucie, Gaudillat Benjamin, Habchi-Hanriot Naussica, Gouagna Louis-Clément. (2022). Could sterile Aedes albopictus male releases interfere with Aedes aegypti population in Reunion Island ?. Insects, 13 (2), 146 [10 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084355
  • Doumbia M., Kouassi A. A., Silue S., Yoboue V., Liousse C., Diedhiou Arona, Toure N. E., Keita S., Assamoi E. M., Bamba A., Zouzoua M., Dajuma A., Kouadio K. (2021). Road traffic emission inventory in an urban zone of West Africa : case of Yopougon City (Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire). Energies, 14 (4), 1111 [19 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081054
  • Simo-Fouda F., Thirion Laurence, Nougairede A., Luciani L., Driouich J. S., Petit P. R., Delaunay P., Charrel R. N. (2021). Investigation of Bufavirus and Parvovirus 4 in patients with gastro-enteritis from the South-East of France. Pathogens, 10 (9), p. 1151 [14 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083187
  • Ferriere L., Feignon J. G., Baratoux David, Koeberl C. (2022). Prison break and the tentative exploration of the Bateke plateau structure, a possible meteorite impact crater located in either Gabon or Congo. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 57 (1), 6154 [1 p.]. Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2022, 85., Glasgow (GBR), 2022/08/14-19. ISSN 1086-9379.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085963

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