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Favier C., Dégallier Nicolas, Menkès Christophe. (2010). Analytical models approximating individual processes : a validation method. Mathematical Biosciences, 228 (2), p. 127-135. ISSN 0025-5564.

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Analytical models approximating individual processes : a validation method
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Article référencé dans le Web of Science WOS:000285369500002
Favier C., Dégallier Nicolas, Menkès Christophe
Mathematical Biosciences, 2010, 228 (2), p. 127-135 ISSN 0025-5564
Upscaling population models from fine to coarse resolutions, in space, time and/or level of description, allows the derivation of fast and tractable models based on a thorough knowledge of individual processes. The validity of such approximations is generally tested only on a limited range of parameter sets. A more general validation test, over a range of parameters, is proposed; this would estimate the error induced by the approximation, using the original model's stochastic variability as a reference. This method is illustrated by three examples taken from the field of epidemics transmitted by vectors that bite in a temporally cyclical pattern, that illustrate the use of the method: to estimate if an approximation over- or under-fits the original model; to invalidate an approximation; to rank possible approximations for their qualities. As a result, the application of the validation method to this field emphasizes the need to account for the vectors' biology in epidemic prediction models and to validate these against finer scale models.
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