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Kayal Mohsen, Ballard J., Kayal E. (2021). Transformative choices towards a sustainable academic publishing system. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, 14, 22-30. ISSN 1918-3178.

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Transformative choices towards a sustainable academic publishing system
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Kayal Mohsen, Ballard J., Kayal E.
Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, 2021, 14, 22-30 ISSN 1918-3178
Communicating new scientific discoveries is key to human progress. Yet, this endeavor has been increasingly hindered by monetary restrictions that restrain scientists from publishing their findings and accessing other scientists' reports. This process is further exacerbated by a large portion of publishing media owned by private companies that, in contrast with journals from scientific societies, do not reinject academic publishing benefits into the scientific community. As the academic world is not exempt from economic crises and funding restrictions, new alternatives are necessary to support a fair and economically sustainable publishing system for scientists and society as a whole. After summarizing major shortcomings of academic publishing today, we present several solutions that span the levels of the individual scientist, the scientific community, and the publisher to initiate a transformative change towards more sustainable scientific publishing. By providing a voice to the many scientists who are fundamental protagonists, yet often powerless witnesses, of the academic publishing system, as well as a roadmap for implementing solutions, we hope this initiative will go beyond sparking increased awareness and promote a shift towards more sustainable scientific publishing practices.
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