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Bredeloup Sylvie. (2013). Circumstantial solidarities and the transformation of migratory networks. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 34 (5), p. 517-532. ISSN 0725-6868.

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Circumstantial solidarities and the transformation of migratory networks
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Bredeloup Sylvie
Journal of Intercultural Studies, 2013, 34 (5), p. 517-532 ISSN 0725-6868
This article examines the changing character of migration networks originating in West Africa, addressing two main concerns. First, while migratory networks spring up and structure themselves to provide the best support for the development of migratory flows, it is by no means certain that they will endure forever. Nor is there any guarantee that the solidarities summoned up to create those networks and give them substance will be able to withstand the degradation of economies and competition from the indigenous populations in the destination over the longer term. When these networks' bridgeheads no longer have sufficient economic or symbolic resources to take on the new arrivals, then their moral obligations are no longer strong enough to support the continued arrangement. Other more circumstantial solidarities or ephemeral associations may then be introduced along the routes, instigated by migrants. Second, there is the question of whether the movements of pioneer migrants necessarily result in the establishment of migratory networks. This article argues that with the process of individualisation gathering place within all societies, the so-called spontaneous pioneer migrations, rather than leading as a matter of course to the construction of new networks, can remain as a form of individual migration that continues outside, or in parallel with, network migration.
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