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Long P. V., Pardieu V., Giuliani Gaston. (2013). Update on gemstone mining in Luc Yen, Vietnam. Gems and Gemology, 49 (4), p. 233-245. ISSN 0016-626X.

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Update on gemstone mining in Luc Yen, Vietnam
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Long P. V., Pardieu V., Giuliani Gaston
Gems and Gemology, 2013, 49 (4), p. 233-245 ISSN 0016-626X
In 1987, gems were discovered in the Luc Yen area of Vietnam's Yen Bai province. Ruby, sapphire, and spinel from primary and secondary deposits are the most valuable of these; tourmaline, gem-quality feldspar, pargasite, and humite are also mined there. As a result of this discovery, the Luc Yen district has become Vietnam's most important gemstone-trading center over the past 30 years. The markets of Yen The, the capital of Luc Yen, offer an additional assortment of natural gems from Vietnam and elsewhere (including peridot, beryl, aquamarine, topaz, and quartz); synthetic gems are also found in these markets.
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