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Maréchal Jean-Christophe, Vouillamoz Jean-Michel, Kumar M.S.M., Dewandel B. (2010). Estimating aquifer thickness using multiple pumping tests. Hydrogeology Journal, 18 (8), p. 1787-1796. ISSN 1431-2174.

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Estimating aquifer thickness using multiple pumping tests
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Maréchal Jean-Christophe, Vouillamoz Jean-Michel, Kumar M.S.M., Dewandel B.
Hydrogeology Journal, 2010, 18 (8), p. 1787-1796 ISSN 1431-2174
A method to estimate aquifer thickness and hydraulic conductivity has been developed, consisting of multiple pumping tests. The method requires short-duration pumping cycles on an unconfined aquifer with significant seasonal water-table fluctuations. The interpretation of several pumping tests at a site in India under various initial conditions provides information on the change in hydrodynamic parameters in relation to the initial water-table level. The transmissivity linearly decreases compared with the initial water level, suggesting a homogeneous distribution of hydraulic conductivity with depth. The hydraulic conductivity is estimated from the slope of this linear relationship. The extrapolation of the relationship between transmissivity and water level provides an estimate of the aquifer thickness that is in good agreement with geophysical investigations. The hydraulically active part of the aquifer is located in both the shallow weathered and the underlying densely fractured zones of the crystalline basement. However, no significant relationship is found between the aquifer storage coefficient and initial water level. This new method contributes to filling the methodological gap between single pumping tests and hydraulic tomography, in providing information on the variation of the global transmissivity according to depth. It can be applied to any unconfined aquifer experiencing large seasonal water-table fluctuations and short pumping cycles.
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