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Bellon G., Sobel A. H., Vialard Jérôme. (2008). Ocean-atmosphere coupling in the monsoon intraseasonal oscillation : a simple model study. Journal of Climate, 21 (20), p. 5254-5270. ISSN 0894-8755.

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Ocean-atmosphere coupling in the monsoon intraseasonal oscillation : a simple model study
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Bellon G., Sobel A. H., Vialard Jérôme
Journal of Climate, 2008, 21 (20), p. 5254-5270 ISSN 0894-8755
A simple coupled model is used in a zonally symmetric aquaplanet configuration to investigate the effect of ocean-atmosphere coupling on the Asian monsoon intraseasonal oscillation. The model consists of a linear atmospheric model of intermediate complexity based on quasi-equilibrium theory coupled to a simple, linear model of the upper ocean. This model has one unstable eigenmode with a period in the 30-60-day range and a structure similar to the observed northward-propagating intraseasonal oscillation in the Bay of Bengal/west Pacific sector. The ocean-atmosphere coupling is shown to have little impact on either the growth rate or latitudinal structure of the atmospheric oscillation, but it reduces the oscillation's period by a quarter. At latitudes corresponding to the north of the Indian Ocean, the sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies lead the precipitation anomalies by a quarter of a period, similarly to what has been observed in the Bay of Bengal. The mixed layer depth is in phase opposition to the SST: a monsoon break corresponds to both a warming and a shoaling of the mixed layer. This behavior results from the similarity between the patterns of the predominant processes: wind-induced surface heat flux and wind stirring. The instability of the seasonal monsoon flow is sensitive to the seasonal mixed layer depth: the oscillation is damped when the oceanic mixed layer is thin (about 10 m deep or thinner), as in previous experiments with several models aimed at addressing the boreal winter Madden-Julian oscillation. This suggests that the weak thermal inertia of land might explain the minima of intraseasonal variance observed over the Asian continent.
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