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Pillon Yohan, Chase M. W. (2007). Taxonomic exaggeration and its effects on orchid conservation. Conservation Biology, 21 (1), p. 263-265. ISSN 0888-8892.

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Taxonomic exaggeration and its effects on orchid conservation
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Pillon Yohan, Chase M. W.
Conservation Biology, 2007, 21 (1), p. 263-265 ISSN 0888-8892
Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants, encompassing several times as many species as birds or mammals. Because of their diversity, charisma, and threats from overcollection and habitat loss, they are a key group in conservation. Nevertheless, preservation of this group is plagued by taxonomic problems, particularly in Europe, where new taxa are actively being described. We used a checklist of orchids to compare the taxonomic treatment of this family between Europe and neighboring areas to search for geographical patterns. Numbers of invalid, infraspecific, and hybrid names are significantly higher in Europe than in surrounding areas. Recognition of numerous and poorly circumscribed orchid taxa is a serious obstacle to their conservation because rare, poorly defined species may be prioritized for conservation over taxonomically "good" species. This phenomenon may be the result of the popularity of orchids in Europe. We believe that more taxonomic effort should be made in other areas of the world (e.g., the tropics) and on less charismatic groups.
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