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Ngoyi D. M., Menten J., Pyana P. P., Buscher P., Lejon Veerle. (2013). Stage determination in sleeping sickness : comparison of two cell counting and two parasite detection techniques. Tropical Medicine and International Health, 18 (6), 778-782. ISSN 1360-2276

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Stage determination in sleeping sickness : comparison of two cell counting and two parasite detection techniques
Année de publication2013
Type de documentArticle référencé dans le Web of Science WOS:000320334600014
AuteursNgoyi D. M., Menten J., Pyana P. P., Buscher P., Lejon Veerle.
SourceTropical Medicine and International Health, 2013, 18 (6), p. 778-782. ISSN 1360-2276
RésuméOBJECTIVES Diagnosis of the neurological stage of human African trypanosomiasis is performed by examination of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for the presence of trypanosomes and numbers of white blood cells (WBC). Both CSF parameters are also used to assess treatment outcome during follow-up. In view of the importance of CSF examination, and the practical problems encountered with it, we compared the sensitivity of two trypanosome concentration techniques and the repeatability of two cell counting METHODS, as well as occurrence of systematic differences between them. methods Patients were recruited at Dipumba hospital, in Mbuji-Mayi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 94 CSF samples, trypanosome detection was performed with modified single centrifugation (MSC) and double centrifugation (DC). On 189 CSF samples with <= 30 cells/mu l, cell counting was performed in duplicate in a Fuchs-Rosenthal counting chamber and in a disposable Uriglass counting chamber. RESULTS Modified single centrifugation detected trypanosomes in significantly (P < 0.0001) more patients (85) than DC (46). Cell counts did not differ systematically in the two methods. Variability in the differences between duplicate cell counts was significantly higher (P = 0.002) in Uriglass (SD of differences 2.03) than in Fuchs-Rosenthal (SD of differences 1.62). CONCLUSIONS For analysis of CSF in the context of sleeping sickness stage determination and follow-up after treatment, we strongly recommend the MSC for parasite detection and the application of disposable counting chambers. When the first cell count is <= 20 cells/mu l, we recommend repeating the counting procedure on the same CSF specimen and taking the average of both countings.
Plan de classementEntomologie médicale / Parasitologie / Virologie [052]
Descr. géo.AFRIQUE
LocalisationFonds IRD [F B010060430]
Identifiant IRDfdi:010060430
Lien permanenthttp://www.documentation.ird.fr/hor/fdi:010060430

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