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Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Chen R., McWilliams J. C., Renault Lionel. (2021). Momentum governors of California undercurrent transport. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 51 (9), 2915-2932. ISSN 0022-3670.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084285

  2. Kessouri F., McLaughlin K., Sutula M., Bianchi D., Ho M. N., McWilliams J. C., Renault Lionel, Molemaker J., Deutsch C., Leinweber A. (2021). Configuration and validation of an oceanic physical and biogeochemical model to investigate coastal eutrophication in the Southern California bight. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 13 (12), p. e2020MS002296 [34 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083918

  3. Ramanantsoa J. D., Penven Pierrick, Raj R. P., Renault Lionel, Ponsoni L., Ostrowski M., Dilmahamod A. F., Rouault M. (2021). Where and how the East Madagascar current retroflection originates ?. Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 126 (11), e2020JC016203 [22 p.]. ISSN 2169-9275.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083810

  4. Stevens B., Bony S., Farrell D., Ament F., Blyth A., Fairall C., Karstensen J., Quinn P. K., Speich S., Lefèvre Nathalie, Person Renaud, Renault Lionel, et al. (2021). EUREC(4)A. Earth System Science Data, 13 (8), 4067-4119. ISSN 1866-3508.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082778

  5. Renault Lionel, Mc Williams J. C., Kessouri F., Jousse A., Frenzel H., Chen R., Deutsch C. (2021). Evaluation of high-resolution atmospheric and oceanic simulations of the California Current System. Progress in Oceanography, 195, p. 102564 [26 p.]. ISSN 0079-6611.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082152

  6. Kessouri F., McWilliams J. C., Bianchi D., Sutula M., Renault Lionel, Deutsch C., Feely R. A., McLaughlin K., Ho M. N., Howard E. M., Bednarsek N., Damien P., Molemaker J., Weisberg S. B. (2021). Coastal eutrophication drives acidification, oxygen loss, and ecosystem change in a major oceanic upwelling system. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118 (21), p. e2018856118 [8 p.]. ISSN 0027-8424.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082114

  7. Gévaudan M., Jouanno Julien, Durand Fabien, Morvan Guillaume, Renault Lionel, Samson G. (2021). Influence of ocean salinity stratification on the tropical Atlantic Ocean surface. Climate Dynamics, 57 (1-2), 321-340. ISSN 0930-7575.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081085

  8. Renault Lionel, Arsouze T., Ballabrera-Poy J. (2021). On the influence of the current feedback to the atmosphere on the Western Mediterranean sea dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 126 (1), p. e2020JC016664 [23 p.]. ISSN 2169-9275.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081063


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Solodoch A., McWilliams J. C., Stewart A. L., Gula J., Renault Lionel. (2020). Why does the deep western boundary current "Leak" around Flemish Cap ?. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 50 (7), p. 1989-2016. ISSN 0022-3670.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010080924

  2. Howard E. M., Frenzel H., Kessouri F., Renault Lionel, Bianchi D., McWilliams J. C., Deutsch C. (2020). Attributing causes of future climate change in the California Current System with multimodel downscaling. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34 (11), p. e2020GB006646 [16 p.]. ISSN 0886-6236.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010080436

  3. Kessouri F., Bianchi D., Renault Lionel, McWilliams J. C., Frenzel H., Deutsch C. A. (2020). Submesoscale currents modulate the seasonal cycle of nutrients and productivity in the California Current System. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34 (10), p. e2020GB006578 [15 p.]. ISSN 0886-6236.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079941

  4. Howard E. M., Penn J. L., Frenzel H., Seibel B. A., Bianchi D., Renault Lionel, Kessouri F., Sutula M. A., McWilliams J. C., Deutsch C. (2020). Climate-driven aerobic habitat loss in the California Current System. Science Advances, 6 (20), p. art. eaay3188 [11 p.]. ISSN 2375-2548.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078063

  5. Bettencourt J., Rossi V., Renault Lionel, Haynes P., Morel Y., Garcon V. (2020). Effects of upwelling duration and phytoplankton growth regime on dissolved-oxygen levels in an idealized Iberian Peninsula upwelling system. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 27 (2), p. 277-294. ISSN 1023-5809.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078124

  6. Renault Lionel, Masson S., Arsouze T., Madec G., McWilliams J. C. (2020). Recipes for how to force oceanic model dynamics. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12 (2), p. e2019MS001715 [27p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078881

  7. Jullien S., Masson S., Oerder V., Samson G., Colas François, Renault Lionel. (2020). Impact of ocean-atmosphere current feedback on ocean mesoscale activity : regional variations and sensitivity to model resolution. Journal of Climate, 33 (7), p. 2585-2602. ISSN 0894-8755.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078009


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Contreras M., Pizarro O., Dewitte Boris, Sepulveda H. H., Renault Lionel. (2019). Subsurface mesoscale eddy generation in the ocean off Central Chile. Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 124 (8), p. 5700-5722. ISSN 2169-9275.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010077124

  2. Renault Lionel, Lemarie F., Arsouze T. (2019). On the implementation and consequences of the oceanic currents feedback in ocean-atmosphere coupled models. Ocean Modelling, 141, p. art. 101423 [6 p.]. ISSN 1463-5003.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010076663

  3. Renault Lionel, Masson S., Oerder V., Jullien S., Colas François. (2019). Disentangling the mesoscale ocean-atmosphere interactions. Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 124 (3), p. 2164-2178. ISSN 2169-9275.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010075623

  4. Renault Lionel, Marchesiello Patrick, Masson S., McWilliams J. C. (2019). Remarkable control of western boundary currents by Eddy Killing, a mechanical air-sea coupling process. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (5), p. 2743-2751. ISSN 0094-8276.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010075542


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Meroni A. N., Renault Lionel, Parodi A., Pasquero C. (2018). Role of the oceanic vertical thermal structure in the modulation of heavy precipitations over the Ligurian Sea. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 175 (11), p. 4111-4130. ISSN 0033-4553.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010074404

  2. Desbiolles F., Blamey R., Illig Serena, James R., Barimalala R., Renault Lionel, Reason C. (2018). Upscaling impact of wind/sea surface temperature mesoscale interactions on southern Africa austral summer climate. International Journal of Climatology, 38 (12), p. 4651-4660. ISSN 0899-8418.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010074088

  3. Renault Lionel, McWilliams J. C., Gula J. (2018). Dampening of submesoscale currents by air-sea stress coupling in the Californian upwelling system. Scientific Reports - Nature, 8, p. art. 13388 [8 p.]. ISSN 2045-2322.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073991


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Dewitte Boris, Purca S., Illig Serena, Renault Lionel, Giese B. S. (2008). Low-frequency modulation of intraseasonal equatorial Kelvin wave activity in the Pacific from SODA : 1958-2001. Journal of Climate, 21 (22), p. 6060-6069. ISSN 0894-8755.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010044143