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  1. Acosta M. C. B., Montufar R., Guyot Romain, Mariac Cédric, Tranbarger Timothy, Restrepo S., Couvreur Thomas. (2022). Bactris gasipaes Kunth var. gasipaes complete plastome and phylogenetic analysis. Mitochondrial DNA Part B : Resources, 7 (8), p. 1540-1544.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086003

  2. Orozco-Arias S., Candamil M. S., Jaimes P. A., Cristancho M., Tabares-Soto R., Guyot Romain. (2022). Composition and diversity of LTR retrotransposons in the coffee leaf rust genome (Hemileia vastatrix). Agronomy, 12 (7), p. 1665 [17 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085895

  3. Orozco-Arias S., Candamil-Cortes M. S., Jaimes P. A., Valencia-Castrillon E., Tabares-Soto R., Isaza G., Guyot Romain. (2022). Automatic curation of LTR retrotransposon libraries from plant genomes through machine learning. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, [Early access], p. jib-2021-0036 [ p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085408

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010085222

  5. Cintra L. A., de Souza T. B., Parteka L. M., Barreto L. M., Pereira L. F. P., Gaeta M. L., Guyot Romain, Vanzela A. L. L. (2022). An 82 bp tandem repeat family typical of 3 ' non-coding end of Gypsy/TAT LTR retrotransposons is conserved in Coffea spp. pericentromeres. Genome, 65 (3), p. 137-151. ISSN 0831-2796.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084504

  6. Hu G. B., Feng J. T., Xiang X., Wang J. B., Salojarvi J., Liu C. M., Wu Z. X., Zhang J. S., Liang X. M., Jiang Z. D., Liu W., Ou L. X., Li J. W., Fan G. Y., Mai Y. X., Chen C. J., Zhang X. T., Zheng J. K., Zhang Y. Q., Peng H. X., Yao L. X., Wai C. M., Luo X. P., Fu J. X., Tang H. B., Lan T. Y., Lai B. A., Sun J. H., Wei Y. Z., Li H. L., Chen J. Z., Huang X. M., Yan Q., Liu X., McHale L. K., Rolling L., Guyot Romain, Sankoff D., Zheng C. F., Albert V. A., Ming R. A., Chen H. B., Xia R., Li J. G. (2022). Two divergent haplotypes from a highly heterozygous lychee genome suggest independent domestication events for early and late-maturing cultivars. Nature Genetics, 54, p. 73-83 + [18 p.]. ISSN 1061-4036.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083934


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  1. Orozco-Arias S., Candamil-Cortes M. S., Valencia-Castrillon E., Jaimes P. A., Orozco N. T., Arias-Mendoza M., Tabares-Soto R., Guyot Romain, Isaza G., IEEE. (2021). SENMAP : a convolutional neural network architecture for curation of LTR-RT libraries from plant genomes. 2021 IEEE 2nd International Congress of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering, p. 341660 [4 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086138

  2. Ayala-Usma D. A., Cardenas M., Guyot Romain, De Mares M. C., Bernal A., Munoz A. R., Restrepo S. (2021). A whole genome duplication drives the genome evolution of Phytophthora betacei, a closely related species to Phytophthora infestans. BMC Genomics, 22 (1), p. 795 [21 p.]. ISSN 1471-2164.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083301

  3. Orozco-Arias S., Candamil-Cortes M. S., Jaimes P. A., Pina J. S., Tabares-Soto R., Guyot Romain, Isaza G. (2021). K-mer-based machine learning method to classify LTR-retrotransposons in plant genomes. PeerJ, 9, p. e11456 [20 p.]. ISSN 2167-8359.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081522

  4. Raharimalala N., Rombauts S., McCarthy A., Garavito A., Orozco-Arias S., Bellanger L., Morales-Correa A. Y., Froger S., Michaux S., Berry V., Metairon S., Fournier C., Lepelley M., Mueller L., Couturon Emmanuel, Hamon Perla, Rakotomalala J. J., Descombes P., Guyot Romain, Crouzillat D. (2021). The absence of the caffeine synthase gene is involved in the naturally decaffeinated status of Coffea humblotiana, a wild species from Comoro archipelago. Scientific Reports - Nature, 11 (1), p. 8119 [14 p.]. ISSN 2045-2322.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081437

  5. Orozco-Arias S., Jaimes P. A., Candamil M. S., Jimenez-Varon C. F., Tabares-Soto R., Isaza G., Guyot Romain. (2021). InpactorDB : a classified lineage-level plant LTR retrotransposon reference library for free-alignment methods based on machine learning. Genes, 12 (2), p. 190 [17 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081058


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  1. Guyot Romain, Hamon Perla, Couturon Emmanuel, Raharimalala N., Rakotomalala J. J., Lakkanna S., Sabatier S., Affouard A., Bonnet P. (2020). WCSdb : a database of wild Coffea species [Data paper]. Database, p. baaa069 [6 p.]. ISSN 1758-0463.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010080466

  2. Rimlinger A., Raharimalala N., Letort V., Rakotomalala J. J., Crouzillat D., Guyot Romain, Hamon Perla, Sabatier S. (2020). Phenotypic diversity assessment within a major ex situ collection of wild endemic coffees in Madagascar. Annals of Botany, 126 (5), p. 849-863. ISSN 0305-7364.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010080405

  3. Orozco-Arias S., Tobon-Orozco N., Pina J. S., Jimenez-Varon C. F., Tabares-Soto R., Guyot Romain. (2020). TIP_finder : an HPC software to detect transposable element insertion polymorphisms in large genomic datasets. Biology, 9 (9), p. 281 [17 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079857

  4. Lemos S. M. C., Foncatti L. F. C., Guyot Romain, Paschoal A. R., Domingues D. S. (2020). Genome-wide screening and characterization of non-coding RNAs in Coffea canephora. Non-Coding RNA, 6 (3), p. 39 [15p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079866

  5. Konan J. A., Guyot Romain, Koffi K. K., Vroh-Bi I., Zoro A. I. B. (2020). Molecular confirmation of varietal status in bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) using genotyping-by-sequencing. Genome, 63 (11), p. 535-545. ISSN 0831-2796.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079962

  6. Charr J. C., Garavito A., Guyeux C., Crouzillat D., Descombes P., Fournier C., Ly S. N., Raharimalala E. N., Rakotomalala J. J., Stoffelen P., Janssens S., Hamon Perla, Guyot Romain. (2020). Complex evolutionary history of coffees revealed by full plastid genomes and 28,800 nuclear SNP analyses, with particular emphasis on Coffea canephora (Robusta coffee). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 151, p. 106906 [13 p.]. ISSN 1055-7903.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079508

  7. Wu S. Y., Guyot Romain, Bocs S., Droc G., Oktavia F., Hu S. N., Tang C. R., Montoro P., Leclercq J. (2020). Structural and functional annotation of transposable elements revealed a potential regulation of genes involved in rubber biosynthesis by TE-derived siRNA interference in Hevea brasiliensis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21 (12), 4220 [21 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079380

  8. Orozco-Arias S., Pina J. S., Tabares-Soto R., Castillo-Ossa L. F., Guyot Romain, Isaza G. (2020). Measuring performance metrics of machine learning algorithms for detecting and classifying transposable elements. Processes, 8 (6), p. art. 638 [18p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079425

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079158

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078132


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Orozco-Arias S., Isaza G., Guyot Romain, Tabares-Soto R. (2019). A systematic review of the application of machine learning in the detection and classification of transposable elements. PeerJ, 7, p. e8311 [29 p.]. ISSN 2167-8359.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010077475

  2. Orozco-Arias S., Isaza G., Guyot Romain. (2019). Retrotransposons in plant genomes : structure, identification, and classification through bioinformatics and machine learning. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20 (15), p. art. 3837 [31 p.]. ISSN 1661-6596.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010076634

  3. Guyeux C., Charr J. C., Tran H. T. M., Furtado A., Henry R. J., Crouzillat D., Guyot Romain, Hamon Perla. (2019). Evaluation of chloroplast genome annotation tools and application to analysis of the evolution of coffee species. PLOS One, 14 (6), p. e0216347 [20 p.]. ISSN 1932-6203.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010076131

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010074847


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Breitler J. C., Dechamp E., Campa Claudine, Rodrigues L. A. Z., Guyot Romain, Marraccini P., Etienne H. (2018). CRISPR/Cas9-mediated efficient targeted mutagenesis has the potential to accelerate the domestication of Coffea canephora. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, 134 (3), p. 383-394. ISSN 0167-6857.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073769

  2. de Castro Nunes R., Orozco-Arias S., Crouzillat D., Mueller L. A., Strickler S. R., Descombes P., Fournier C., Moine D., Kochko Alexandre de, Yuyama P. M., Vanzela A. L. L., Guyot Romain. (2018). Structure and distribution of centromeric retrotransposons at diploid and allotetraploid Coffea centromeric and pericentromeric regions. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9, p. art. 175 [14p.]. ISSN 1664-462X.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010072372

  3. Sant'Ana G. C., Pereira L. F. P., Pot D., Ivamoto S. T., Domingues D. S., Ferreira R. V., Pagiatto N. F., da Silva B. S. R., Nogueira L. M., Kitzberger C. S. G., Scholz M. B. S., de Oliveira F. F., Sera G. H., Padilha L., Labouisse J. P., Guyot Romain, Charmetant P., Leroy T. (2018). Genome-wide association study reveals candidate genes influencing lipids and diterpenes contents in Coffea arabica L. Scientific Reports - Nature, 8, p. art. 465 [ 12 p.]. ISSN 2045-2322.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010072002



  1. Hamon Perla, Grover C.E., Davis A.P., Rakotomalala J.J., Raharimalala N.E., Albert V.A., Sreenath H.L., Mitchell S.E., Couturon Emmanuel, Hamon Serge, Kochko Alexandre de, Crouzillat D., Rigoreau M., Sumirat U., Akaffou S., Guyot Romain. (2017). Genotyping-by-sequencing provides the first well-resolved phylogeny for coffee (Coffea) and insights into the evolution of caffeine content in its species : GBS coffee phylogeny and the evolution of caffeine content. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 109, p. 351-361. ISSN 1055-7903.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010069165

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  1. Qin G. H., Xu C. Y., Ming R., Tang H. B., Guyot Romain, Kramer E. M., Hu Y. D., Yi X. K., Qi Y. J., Xu X. Y., Gao Z. H., Pan H. F., Jian J. B., Tian Y. P., Yue Z., Xu Y. L. (2017). The pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) genome and the genomics of punicalagin biosynthesis. Plant Journal, 91 (6), p. 1108-1128. ISSN 0960-7412.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010070961

  2. Dupeyron M., de Souza R. F., Hamon Perla, Kochko Alexandre de, Crouzillat D., Couturon Emmanuel, Domingues D. S., Guyot Romain. (2017). Distribution of Divo in Coffea genomes, a poorly described family of angiosperm LTR-Retrotransposons. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 292 (4), p. 741-754. ISSN 1617-4615.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010070381

Chapitres ou parties d'ouvrages

  1. Kochko Alexandre de, Hamon Serge, Guyot Romain, Couturon Emmanuel, Poncet Valérie, Dubreuil Tranchant Christine, Crouzillat D., Rigoreau M., Hamon Perla. (2017). Omics applications : Coffee. In : Chowdappa P. (ed.), Karun A. (ed.), Rajesh M.K. (ed.), Ramesh S.V. (ed.). Biotechnology of plantation crops. New Delhi : Daya Publishing House, p. 589-606. ISBN 9789386071729.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010069162



  1. Etienne H., Bertrand B., Dechamp E., Maurel P., Georget F., Guyot Romain, Breitler J.C. (2016). Are genetic and epigenetic instabilities of plant embryogenic cells a fatality ? : the experience of coffee somatic embryogenesis. Human Genetics and Embryology, 6 (1), 5 p. ISSN 2161-0436.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010084065

Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Ming R., Wai C. M., Guyot Romain. (2016). Pineapple genome : a reference for monocots and CAM photosynthesis. Trends in Genetics, 32 (11), p. 690-696. ISSN 0168-9525.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010068676

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010068327

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010068282

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010068137

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010066167


  1. Couturon Emmanuel, Raharimalala N.E., Rakotomalala J.J., Hamon Serge, Kochko Alexandre de, Guyot Romain, Hamon Perla. (2016). Caféiers sauvages : un trésor en péril au coeur des forêts tropicales ! = Wild coffee-trees : a threatened treasure in the heart of tropical forests !. Montpellier : Association Biodiversité, Ecovalorisation et Caféiers, 117 p. ISBN 978-2-7466-9109-4.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010067198


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010065534

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010065489

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010065385

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010064917

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010064998

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010063587

Chapitres ou parties d'ouvrages

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010065067

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010063204

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010063205


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010062514


Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Dereeper Alexis, Guyot Romain, Dubreuil Tranchant Christine, Anthony François, Argout X., de Bellis F., Combes Marie-Christine, Gavory F., Kochko Alexandre de, Kudrna D., Leroy T., Poulain J., Rondeau M., Song X., Wing R., Lashermes Philippe. (2013). BAC-end sequences analysis provides first insights into coffee (Coffea canephora P.) genome composition and evolution. Plant Molecular Biology, 83 (3), p. 177-189. ISSN 0167-4412.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010061149

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    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010058979

Chapitres ou parties d'ouvrages

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