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  1. Yogom B. T., Avana-Tientcheu M. L., Monthe F. K., Bissiengou P., Loumeto J. J., Zekraoui Leila, Hervouet C., Fonkou T., Mariac Cédric, Duminil Jérôme. (2023). Genetic diversity and structure in wild and cultivated populations of an emblematic African tree species, Garcinia kola (Clusiaceae). Tree Genetics and Genomes, 19 (5), p. 39 [14 p.]. ISSN 1614-2942.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010090109

  2. Lemoine T., Rimlinger A., Duminil Jérôme, Leclerc C., Labeyrie V., Tsogo M., Carrière Stéphanie M.. (2023). Untangling biocultural and socioeconomical drivers of African plum tree (Dacryodes edulis) local nomenclature along a rural-urban gradient in Central Cameroon. Human Ecology, [Early access], p. [16 p.]. ISSN 0300-7839.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010088298

  3. Kusuma J., Couderc Marie, Scarcelli Nora, Duminil Jérôme. (2023). Complete chloroplast genome of two nutmeg species, Myristica argentea Warb. 1891 and Myristica fatua Houtt. 1774 (Myristicaceae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B : Resources, 8 (7), p. 751-755.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010088301

  4. Adji B. I., Letort V., Wang X. J., Kang M. Z., De Reffye P., Jaeger M., Cilas C., Kouassi K. H., Duminil Jérôme, Sabatier S., Akaffou D. S. (2023). Rethinking iconic species reforestation in West Africa : seed shape harnessing is strategic for enhanced germination and vigorous growth in Khaya senegalensis and Parkia biglobosa. Forests, 14 (7), p. 1311 [18 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010090040

  5. Yao T. L., Nazre M., McKey D., Jalonen R., Duminil Jérôme. (2023). The origin of cultivated mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L. var. mangostana) : critical assessments and an evolutionary-ecological perspective. Ecology and Evolution, 13 (3), p. e9792 [17 p.]. ISSN 2045-7758.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010087526

  6. Matra D. D., Adrian M., Karmanah, Kusuma J., Duminil Jérôme, Sobir, Poerwanto R. (2023). Dataset from de novo transcriptome assembly of Myristica fatua leaves using MinION nanopore sequencer. Data in Brief, 46, p. 108838 [6 p.]. ISSN 2352-3409.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086900

  7. Alarcon-Mendez M., Maselli S., van Zonneveld M., Loo J., Snook L., Oliva A., Franco A., Duminil Jérôme. (2023). Implications of community forest management for the conservation of the genetic diversity of big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King, Meliaceae) in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Pet acute accent en, Guatemala. Trees Forests and People, 11, p. 100362 [8 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086816



  1. Adji B.I., Akaffou D.S., Letort V., Kang M., Wang M., Jaeger M., De Reffye P., Kouassi K.H., Houphouet Y.P., Duminil Jérôme, Caraglio Y., Sabatier S. (2022). The architectural unit setting up and architectural characteristics of Néré, Parkia biglobosa, Jack, R. Br. (Fabaceae). American Journal of Plant Sciences, 13 (1), 109-136. ISSN 2158-2742.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010088390

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  1. Mboujda F. M. M., Avana-Tientcheu M. L., Momo S. T., Ntongme A. M., Vaissayre Virginie, Azandi L. N., Dussert Stéphane, Womeni H., Onana J. M., Sonke B., Tankou C., Duminil Jérôme. (2022). Domestication syndrome in Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae) : comparison of morphological and biochemical traits between wild and cultivated populations. Plants, 11 (19), p. 2496 [15 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086343



  1. Adji B.I., Akaffou D.S., Kouassi K.H., Houphouet Y.P., Duminil Jérôme, Sabatier S.A. (2021). Bioclimate influence on seed germination and seedling morphology parameters in Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir., 1804 (Fabaceae). International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology, 6 (3), 1-15. ISSN 2456-1878.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010086261

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  1. Rimlinger A., Duminil Jérôme, Lemoine T., Avana M. L., Chakocha A., Gakwavu A., Mboujda F., Tsogo M., Elias M., Carrière Stéphanie M.. (2021). Shifting perceptions, preferences and practices in the African fruit trade : the case of African plum (Dacryodes edulis) in different cultural and urbanization contexts in Cameroon. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 17 (1), 65 [17 p.].
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083310

  2. Duminil Jérôme, Besnard G. (2021). Utility of the mitochondrial genome in plant taxonomic studies. In : Besse P. (ed.). Molecular plant taxonomy : methods and protocols. New York : Humana Press, 107-118. (Methods in Molecular Biology ; 2222). ISBN 978-1-0716-0996-5.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083569

  3. Adji B. I., Akaffou D. S., Kouassi K. H., Houphouet Y. P., De Reffye P., Duminil Jérôme, Jaeger M., Sabatier S. (2021). Allometric models for non-destructive estimation of dry biomass and leaf area in Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss (Meliaceae), Pterocarpus erinaceus Pear. (Fabaceae) and Parkia biglobosa, Jack, R. Br. (Fabaceae) [+ Correction, 16/07/2021, 1 page]. Trees-Structure and Function, [Early access], [15 p. + Correction, 16/07/2021, 1 page]. ISSN 0931-1890.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082104

  4. Rimlinger A., Avana M. L., Awono A., Chakocha A., Gakwavu A., Lemoine T., Marie L., Mboujda F., Vigouroux Yves, Johnson V., Vinceti B., Carrière Stéphanie M., Duminil Jérôme. (2021). Trees and their seed networks : the social dynamics of urban fruit trees and implications for genetic diversity. PLoS One, 16 (3), e0243017 [13 p.]. ISSN 1932-6203.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081129

  5. Morel J., Duminil Jérôme, Munzinger Jérôme. (2021). Bopopia, a new monotypic genus of Gesneriaceae (Gesnerioideae, Coronanthereae) from New Caledonia. European Journal of Taxonomy, 736, p. 82-101.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010081074


  1. Muchugi A., Chege J., Tsobeng A., Kang'ethe S., Jamnadass R., Cognetti de Martiis S., Cerutti A.L., Alercia A., Carrière Stéphanie M. (collab.), Duminil Jérôme (collab.), Rimlinger Aurore (collab.). (2021). Key descriptors for Dacryodes edulis (G.Don) H.J. Lam. Nairobi : World Agroforestry - ICRAF, 11 p. ISBN 978-9966-108-42-5.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010082020



  1. Adji B.I., Akaffou S.D., Kouassi K.H., Houphouet Y.P., Duminil Jérôme, Sabatier S. (2020). Influence of different environments on germination parameters and seedling morphology in Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss (Meliaceae). American Journal of Plant Sciences, 11 (10), 1579-1600. ISSN 2158-2742.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010083757

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  1. Yogom B. T., Avana-Tientcheu M. L., Mboujda M. F. M., Momo S. T., Fonkou T., Tsobeng A., Barnaud Adeline, Duminil Jérôme. (2020). Ethnicity differences in uses and management practices of bitter kola trees (Garcinia kola) in Cameroon. Economic Botany, 74 (4), 429-444. ISSN 0013-0001.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079937

  2. Lompo D., Vinceti B., Konrad H., Duminil Jérôme, Geburek T. (2020). Fine-scale spatial genetic structure, mating, and gene dispersal patterns in Parkia biglobosa populations with different levels of habitat fragmentation. American Journal of Botany, 107 (7), 1041-1053. ISSN 0002-9122.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010079325

  3. Kusuma J., Scarcelli Nora, Couderc Marie, Mariac Cédric, Zekraoui Leila, Duminil Jérôme. (2020). Microsatellite markers development for Indonesian nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) and transferability to other Myristicaceae spp. Molecular Biology Reports, 47 (6), 4835-4840. ISSN 0301-4851.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078070

  4. Donkpegan A. S. L., Piñeiro R., Heuertz M., Duminil Jérôme, Daïnou K., Doucet J. L., Hardy O. J. (2020). Population genomics of the widespread African savannah trees Afzelia africana and Afzelia quanzensis reveals no significant past fragmentation of their distribution ranges. American Journal of Botany, 107 (3), p. 498-509. ISSN 0002-9122.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010078950

  5. Rimlinger A., Marie L., Avana M. L., Bouka G. U. D., Zekraoui Leila, Mariac Cédric, Carrière Stéphanie M., Duminil Jérôme. (2020). New microsatellite markers for Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae), an indigenous fruit tree species from Central Africa. Molecular Biology Reports, 47 (3), 2391-2396. ISSN 0301-4851.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010077873


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  1. Akaffou S. D., Kouame A. K., Gore N. B. B., Abessika G. Y., Kouassi H. K., Hamon Perla, Sabatier S., Duminil Jérôme. (2019). Effect of the seeds provenance and treatment on the germination rate and plants growth of four forest trees species of Cote d'Ivoire. Journal of Forestry Research, [Early access], p. [9 p.]. ISSN 1007-662X.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010077186

  2. Rimlinger A., Carrière Stéphanie M., Avana M. L., Nguegang A., Duminil Jérôme. (2019). The influence of farmers' strategies on local practices, knowledge, and varietal diversity of the safou tree (Dacryodes edulis) in Western Cameroon. Economic Botany, 73 (2), p. 249-264. ISSN 0013-0001.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010076490

  3. Hardy O. J., Delaide B., Hainaut H., Gillet J. F., Gillet P., Kaymak E., Vankerckhove N., Duminil Jérôme, Doucet J. L. (2019). Seed and pollen dispersal distances in two African legume timber trees and their reproductive potential under selective logging. Molecular Ecology, 28 (12), p. 3119-3134. ISSN 0962-1083.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010076233

  4. Neji M., Gorel A., Ojeda D. I., Duminil Jérôme, Kastally C., Steppe K., Fayolle A., Hardy O. J. (2019). Comparative analysis of two sister Erythrophleum species (Leguminosae) reveal contrasting transcriptome-wide responses to early drought stress. Gene, 694, p. 50-62. ISSN 0378-1119.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010075498

  5. Monthe F. K., Migliore J., Duminil Jérôme, Bouka G., Demenou B. B., Doumenge C., Blanc-Jolivet C., Ekue M. R. M., Hardy O. J. (2019). Phylogenetic relationships in two African Cedreloideae tree genera (Meliaceae) reveal multiple rain/dry forest transitions. Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics, 37, p. 1-10. ISSN 1433-8319.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010075503

  6. Gorel A. P., Duminil Jérôme, Doucet J. L., Fayolle A. (2019). Ecological niche divergence associated with species and populations differentiation in Erythrophleum (Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae). Plant Ecology and Evolution, 152 (1), p. 41-52. ISSN 2032-3913.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010075571


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  1. Monthe F. K., Duminil Jérôme, Yakusu E. K., Beeckman H., Bourland N., Doucet J. L., Sosef M. S. M., Hardy O. J. (2018). The African timber tree Entandrophragma congoense (Pierre ex De Wild.) A.Chev. is morphologically and genetically distinct from Entandrophragma angolense (Welw.) C.DC. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 14 (5), p. art. 66 [13 p.]. ISSN 1614-2942.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073777


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  1. Jalonen R., Valette M., Boshier D., Duminil Jérôme, Thomas E. (2017). Forest and landscape restoration severely constrained by a lack of attention to the quantity and quality of tree seed : insights from a global survey. Conservation Letters, [Early view], art. no e12424 [9 p. en ligne ]. ISSN 1755-263X.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073264

  2. Lompo D., Vinceti B., Gaisberger H., Konrad H., Duminil Jérôme, Ouedraogo M., Sina S., Geburek T. (2017). Genetic conservation in Parkia biglobosa (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) : what do we know ?. Silvae Genetica, 66, art. no e12424 [9 p. en ligne ]. ISSN 0037-5349.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073265

  3. Monthe F.S., Duminil Jérôme, Tosso F., Migliore J., Hardy O.J. (2017). Characterization of microsatellite markers in two exploited African trees, Entandrophragma candollei and E. utile (Meliaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences, 5 (2), art. no 1600130 [7 p.]. ISSN 2168-0450.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073266

  4. Monthe F. K., Hardy O. J., Doucet J. L., Loo J., Duminil Jérôme. (2017). Extensive seed and pollen dispersal and assortative mating in the rain forest tree Entandrophragma cylindricum (Meliaceae) inferred from indirect and direct analyses. Molecular Ecology, 26 (19), p. 5279-5291. ISSN 0962-1083.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010071285

  5. Donkpegan A. S. L., Doucet J. L., Migliore J., Duminil Jérôme, Dainou K., Pineiro R., Wieringa J. J., Champluvier D., Hardy O. J. (2017). Evolution in African tropical trees displaying ploidy-habitat association : the genus Afzelia (Leguminosae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 107, p. 270-281. ISSN 1055-7903.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010069387



  1. Addisalem A.B., Duminil Jérôme, Wouters D., Bongers F., Smulders M.J.M. (2016). Fine-scale spatial genetic structure in the frankincense tree Boswellia papyrifera (Del.) Hochst. and implications for conservation. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 12, art. no 86 [10 p.]. ISSN 0378-1127.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073287

  2. Tosso F., Doucet J.L., Kaymak E., Daïnou K., Duminil Jérôme, Hardy O.J. (2016). Microsatellite development for the genus Guibourtia (Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae) reveals diploid and polyploid species. Applications in Plant Sciences, 4 (7), art. no 1600029 [4 p.]. ISSN 2168-0450.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073288

Articles référencés dans le Web of Science

  1. Duminil Jérôme, Mendene Abessolo D.T., Niade Bourobou D., Doucet J.L., Loo J., Hardy O.J. (2016). High selfing rate, limited pollen dispersal and inbreeding depression in the emblematic African rain forest tree Baillonella toxisperma : management implications. Forest Ecology and Management, 379, p. 20-29. ISSN 0378-1127.
    Identifiant IRD :  fdi:010073286