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Guillemot Nicolas, Léopold Marc, Cuif M., Chabanet Pascale. (2009). Characterization and management of informal fisheries confronted with socio-economic changes in New Caledonia (South Pacific). Fisheries Research, 98 (1-3), 51-61. ISSN 0165-7836

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Characterization and management of informal fisheries confronted with socio-economic changes in New Caledonia (South Pacific)
Année de publication2009
Type de documentArticle référencé dans le Web of Science WOS:000267604900007
AuteursGuillemot Nicolas, Léopold Marc, Cuif M., Chabanet Pascale.
SourceFisheries Research, 2009, 98 (1-3), p. 51-61. ISSN 0165-7836
RésuméOn the rural north-west coast of New Caledonia, the settlement of a major mining complex is expected to cause rapid and important socio-economic changes, resulting in significant effects on local fishing practices and their impact on resources. Fisher interviews were conducted in 2007 in this area to estimate fish catches, fishing yields and effort, to define a typology of informal fishing activities (including recreational, subsistence and benefit-aimed fishing), and to describe their spatial distribution. These results allowed the discussion of possible scenarios concerning the evolution of reef fish exploitation in a context of fast growing Population and socio-economic changes. Local reef fisheries were essentially conducted through informal activities: 312 active boats were recorded and their catches reached 169 t/year whereas catches by professional fishers represented only 25 t/year with 4 boats. Practices and fishing yields were very diverse and linked to social, cultural and economic factors. Indigenous (Melanesian) fishers were mainly associated with subsistence and in some cases benefit-aimed activities (with informal commercialization), resulting in cost-benefit practices, important catches and the use of productive gears (giilnets). The fishers living in multi-cultural villages were mostly recreational, characterized by low yields and the use of less effective gears (spear gun, hand line). Fishing grounds were spatially structured according to these modern and traditional practices and their respective target biotopes. The main target families of reef fish were Lethrinidae, Acanthuridae and Mugilidae, the latter being mostly exploited by Melanesian fishers. The overall fishing pressure in the area (0.26t/km(2)/year) was low compared to other countries in the Pacific. However, its spatial distribution showed that some areas were lightly exploited whereas others were close to overfishing. Results showed that the expected rise in fish demand may lead to unsustainable exploitation levels in the latter zones. The increase in the recreational fishing fleet may also result in additional fishing pressure as well as reef degradations. From a social point of view, the fast economic development of the area is likely to disturb the present informal organization of fisheries and to initiate conflicts over the use of space and resources. Such perspectives call for urgent management measures. This case study therefore provided insights into the complex structure of informal fisheries in insular territories in the Pacific and their possible evolution when confronted with socio-economic changes.
Plan de classementRessources halieutiques [040]
LocalisationFonds IRD [F B010046219] ; Nouméa
Identifiant IRDfdi:010046219
Lien permanenthttp://www.documentation.ird.fr/hor/fdi:010046219

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